You interview of Mike Lindell could have given us and him more to work with if you had dug much more deeply right here.

How do you fix "lived experience outweighing expertise"? Mendaciology says this is scientifically true unless your lived experience validates the expertise.

Truth is first, as Descartes said, "what is done and cannot be doubted -- what you personally experienced." Secondly what you can logically deduce from this. After that, there is no truth to our brains, just a question of trust which experience may discount. Every sentence can be a lie (or the truth). This source of fiat lies that defy dialogue have result and here is why by the science.

The science says the only fix is enforced moderated dialogue ... dialogue that changes the interpretation of first hand experience itself. You need to dig deep on his personal experience to find the cause for his throwing away, or smothering with his pillow, his trust in expertise.

But, to save the country, follow Geo. Washington in his farewell address said as proven by the article above... 'never vote for a liar of a certain kind.' Lindell is of that kind but unlike Trump, it may not be intentional. But he does lie in a form that should have removed you from any responsibility to buy one of his smothering pillows. He deserves no respect for refusing the active dialogue he needs to learn.

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