Robert Thibadeau
2 min readNov 29, 2022

Warning to all Americans and others.

This article has all the markings of a Russian disinformation campaign to cause top secret data to be released to the public for Russian access. Please read @cogsec at Twitter. If you don't believe that people in Congress can be instruments of Russian interests listen to Maddow's ULTRA podcasts.

I have always refused Secret access (because I am a scientist who sees nothing to learn from US secrets in doing my computational cognitive neuroscience), but I have some experience with our (and other country's) capabilities and I would not believe a word of this that suggests we are not carefully monitoring the use of US supplied (or other) weaponry in Ukraine.

Note, the reference to democrats, but only quotes from certain Republicans. Listen to ULTRA.

Authors can be unwitting tools for foreign manipulation. We saw that proven by Mueller, if you recall.

So this is not to cast dispersion on this article's excellent writer and his own personal intentions etc.

Media manipulation by our enemies is not at all uncommon: Read @cogsec's recent brief lessons on disinformation and media manipulation on Twitter. Rand Waltzman is @cogsec, and he did have top secret clearance for many years as a DARPA AI director.

And remember, this is very true:

So please don't worry about obvious problems our Gov't intelligence should be worried about, but cannot talk about, if the answers might aid and abet a sworn enemy of the US or a democratic Ukraine or other known ally. The new US administration is not working for an autocratic oligarch who gives away secrets to the enemy anymore. Again, read about fiat lies and cognitive security.

Robert Thibadeau

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