This is an interesting article for someone studying lies. I'll take this one sentence. Suggest you read

And ask how that is "pretty cool".

I recall a conversation with Steve Jobs back in 1990'ish. There were four of us in the room. We talked about email. We had all used email for fifteen or more years, but it was essentially non-existent in the general populace. It had become as addictive to our lives as facebook is to so many today. One person said that people were too stupid to ever understand email. He was serious. Steve just said one thing: "When people understand store and forward, watch out." The hater said we already have answering machines, and they just hurt our lives. I said the Internet was going to take over the world.

Here is my poem a couple of years later within weeks of when the Web hit the Internet.

Yes, tweaks are needed. But here is the fundamental problem. *And how to fix it.* And it is not Musk.

Carnegie Mellon University since 1979 — Cognitive Science, AI, Machine Learning, one of the founding Directors of the Robotics Institute.

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