This is an excellent description of Dobs. Thanks!

Generally, they make the best cost-constrained "deep sky" scopes no question but the optics design is by Isaac Newton. The best simple planetary (moon, and visual planets) is usually an inexpensive refractor. But that is just a few objects.

With their large apertures, Dobs can get expensive for solar viewing.

An almost free way to set up a Sun Scope is using almost any pair of binoculars you may have lying around. Sun Scopes are are best for group viewing of eclipses where there is only a couple or three minutes of total viewing time. A table-top Dob with a Sun viewer would still give the best individual view.

Here is how to build a free Sun Scope for group viewing -- works great for sidewalks.

My club has two observatories in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and was graced with a visit by Albert Einstein in the 1930s. The Wagman Observatory still has a personal letter from him extolling amateur astronomy and also a fully operational 11" Brashear Refractor . This was the telescope of preference in the USA in the late 1800s.

"Coronium," at the time, was the Element believed to be the source of the brightness of the Sun. Later, from spectrographic studies of the Sun mainly through Brashear scopes, no Coronium was ever found, and Einstein came along with a new source for the brightness. So I have now stolen the term "Coronium" to refer to human lies that are so bright they overwhelm the truth. Here is the article where I claim that word for my scientific study of human lying:

(P.S. Join to see some results of that science applied to getting rid of disinformation in the media today.)

Spectroscopic studies in Astronomy were enabled in the late 1800s by the brilliant theory of James Clerk Maxwell who realized electricity, magnetism, and light were the same thing. Here is THE ONE PAGE where JCM asserts this discovery, and WHY he concludes that it is true enough to probably be true:



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