Robert Thibadeau
1 min readMar 24, 2023

This comment is ill-informed. ChatGPT will almost always produce text of BETTER quality than human producers. ALWAYS. You seem oblivious to this but those of us who do this for a living know it, and know why. Basically the human brain is lousy at remembering with the kind of clarity that modern computers and storage can store. ChatGPT will even get the spelling and the references right. If you don't think that is important, God bless you.

Instead your readers need to understand the need to start, TODAY, to get trusted groups (e.g., working on licensing USERS, CORE-SYSTEM-PROVIDERS, RETAIL-PROVIDERs. These need to set standards of knowledge and responsibility. NOBODY IS DOING THAT. The companies (e.g., OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, god help us Meta and Russia) are. The gov't needs to set the standards and this will take at least three years but hopefully with drafts (e.g., ISO/ANSI).

I agree that we should welcome ChatGPT but welcome it like we welcomed roads, cars, and drivers with licenses. And the time to get started is NOW -- because it will be TOO LATE in a few months. Lots of people will die. You have no idea.

Simply opening the discussion on appropriate licensing, as licensing, will save a lot of lives.

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