Jim Mason is right about the danger. But we do know the sure way to avoid this. It is what humankind learned in the "Enlightenment" or "Age of Reason" which 200 years later became Geo. Washington's farewell address and the US Constitution. After the printing press nearly killed mankind by the viral expansion of the inquisition.

Here is the father of the Enlightenment and modern computational cognitive neuroscience on the problem and the solution.


Here is George Washington and Chaplin on the subject of the problem, and the solution.


The solution is enforced (by law or norm) moderated (kept on topic and factual truth) dialogue (two way human learning).

The Age of Reason brought us rules of evidence in law and replication in science.

Today, it translates to "Don't vote for liars." (Geo. Wash.) and the suggestion to have the law tweaked to have 1-3 hour town halls for candidates for office, under oath with penalty of perjury. These streamed town halls will be very popular and make a lot of money for the broadcasters. They must be properly moderated as well as enforced, and must have dialogue on point of truth that can be checked both for factual and motivational deceit (see Chaplin).

Details on that..


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