Cheese sounds like something healthy and special. Actually, it is just salted milk. Salt preserved milk.

There was a time when it became extra special because salt was essentially today's bitcoin -- owned only by the wealthy.

The distinguishing flavor features of cheese come from the dead flesh of organisms that were able to live in the salted milk while the salted milk was stored in basements and so forth.

But if you do not believe in a lot of salt in your diet, why are you eating salted milk (or so-called "cheese")?

On the other hand, salt is the only mineral that humans eat. Better than sand or limestone, I guess.

More on salt...a better story...

"cheese" is a perfect case of a word concept lie where the truth of it is never told for fear it won't be respected and highly valued for $$. Wine and cheese are just alcohol preserved grapes and salt preserved milk with the remnants of little organisms mixed in. Imagine in the grocery store an area for SALT PRESERVED MILK, and another for ALCOHOL PRESERVED GRAPES.

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