Chinese House Dragon Copyright © 1999 Robert Thibadeau

I never thought I would see the day
When books looked superfluous.
I saw, the day before yesterday,
The world.

I leapt about, from Japan, to Here, to
To Finland,
To Italy.
Like it was nothing.

And I…

Dogs Worldwide are Relieved! Copyright © 2021 Robert Thibadeau, All Rights Reserved.

Breaking news! The United Nations has approved a new ISO Standard #27666. “ISO” is the “International Standards Organization” which defines Object Identifiers and how they can be used globally. …

As someone who long noticed Vizio's thefts (originating in Draw from NeXT Machine days, which itself was a privatized theft of software sources from an Italian programmer at CMU) this is a nice bird of hope.

Some people, like myself, regard source code as creative IP that should long have…

Excellent article. Thanks!

Actually, I disagree with this sentence. The human natural language organ in the left hemisphere is where perception, inner perception, thoughts, and actions are serialized in communications with others and ourselves. Here is part of the argument for that...and a picture of the organ where I would argue the stream of conscious experience can be pinpointed to the serialization/deserialization of other brain computations. This is where we can internally observe the communication both to others and ourselves what we perceive externally, internally, think, want, plan, and do through the massive parallel processing in the rest of the brain, and this area too.

Here is part of that argument. It is not to say that this is all that is conscious but it does provide a natural stream of consciousness as a serialized or deserialized stream.

Sounds right. Democratizing justice would be a good idea, I think. It's why I'm doing .. to let anyone make a case to others they do not know to make truth harder to hide. No central filters.

Thanks for the story.

As an inventor who has had his digital mapping work stolen and has won in full up-jury trial (against Garmin) for at least one of the thefts (of two patents issued in 1993 and 1994), I can say thefts do occur. Based on my own experience, IP theft occurs more…

A really good article. Thanks.

That said, what is computational cognitive neuroscience? By definition, I believe, it asserts the truth being sought is a model that mimics. …

Generally speaking these ideas are not new at all, but it is nice to see you trying to work out more of the detail of the computational cognitive neuroscience of the brain.

"bidirectional hierarchy" doesn't mean anything. Perhaps you mean heterarchy? I do not believe brain cognitive computation is hierarchical…

Little Lies can Get Very Big. Copyright © Robert Thibadeau, 2006, All Rights Reserved.

The science of lies is a computational cognitive neuroscience. And it says that our brain’s incredible capability to imagine framing contexts that can change truth is where our lies come from. This science, Mendaciology, says you need to keep the good lies, and suppress the bad ones. …

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Carnegie Mellon University since 1979 — Cognitive Science, AI, Machine Learning, one of the founding Directors of the Robotics Institute.

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