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I never thought I would see the day
When books looked superfluous.
I saw, the day before yesterday,
The world.

I leapt about, from Japan, to Here, to
To Finland,
To Italy.
Like it was nothing.

And I…

There are also technical ways that people could use to evaporate themselves without government help. In that case, even the government couldn't find them because the identity is lost to incalculable entropy.

Even you cannot find it anymore. See my book on "How to Get Your Privacy Back". People need education to see how easy this would be. Don't let them number you, make them use your number (name). have to change your stupidity about implanted chips. An no, once evaporated, even the chip will not know the you that you alone evaporated.

All the detail is in the book. Including legal etc.

This also leads to an unexpected, chip-free, open evaporation, way to mitigate misinformation and disinformation in the media and other peoples records. A second book.

Mendaciology has a different take on math. Math doesn't explain anything, but it doesn't lie. When physicists try to tell natural language stories around their math, they are just making up a bunch of lies. But their math is not lying. The brain and human language are naturally not very good at math but far surpass math at explaining...communicating valuable information of value neocortex to neocortex.


Sorry, we do know what truth is but you are uninformed in that science. As succinctly as the case can be made in a few words, here is what truth and lies really are, in terms of brain computation.

This quote that each word must do its job properly…

Pretty sure that frog doesn't care whether he's inside a German or Englishman.

For Mendaciology, are non-literal expressions lies? They probably come from the same computation in the neocortex. Interestingly, such expressions could be true but the factual interpretations are generally a big stretch. And making the phrase sense a real lie would be a stretch because that would be seriously disingenuous. So these are interesting ways to express truths buried in single sentence falsehoods from a Mendaciology point of view.

“Site of The Pennsylvania Literature War at Point Park — The Fort Pitt Blockhouse” Wikipedia.

The Pennsylvania Literature War is building momentum based on its wild success the Spring of ’21. Nearly two thousand of Pennsylvania’s remaining readers showed up in the shadow of George Washington’s Fort in Pittsburgh, home of the Carnegie Library, to fight it out.

More tooth than nail. The forces of…

I really do like your idea of a 5th dimension being a second time dimension. However I don't like this an analogy. "remember" means something and it is not space. (Maybe 'remember where you have been as one place but not two.')

I do not like entropy as 'the arrow…

Descartes proof of god is not shaky. He was among a number of people who argued that God is nature. Many of these people were executed in the inquisition for this definition of God. He survived with the explanation attached: God is nature and God does not lie. (Which befuddled the critics.)

Therefore, for example, there is a God, and because of our imperfect 'thinking', we will never discover God completely. but anytime we look at nature (God) for more orderliness, we will find it. This has proven correct, at least so far, even in the hardest of sciences, physics. The quest for more knowledge about God is always rewarded if the quest is analytic (scientific). Read Descartes in the original. It is easy to audible. This is more about Descartes along with a good reference of his main works.


While I completely applaud this effort, I'll point out that my review of Terry Sejnowski's book applies here.

I think there are self-evident facts (measurements or observations) that constraint different types of experimental and computational approaches. But humans provide such observations that are unique to humans and these…

The original painting by Sheree Daugherty wanted by Mary and donated by Sheree in her memory.

It is about Penguins

This Poem by Robert Thibadeau with his Daughter Mary was written November 30, 2018

I am strong
Evil flies away as I approach
I am never wrong
But I step light upon the beach

And people turn and wonder on my words
I am their strength
My no…

Robert Thibadeau

Carnegie Mellon University since 1979 — Cognitive Science, AI, Machine Learning, one of the founding Directors of the Robotics Institute.

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