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Robert Thibadeau, Ph.D.
November 30, 1993

I never thought I would see the day
When books looked superfluous.
I saw, the day before yesterday,
The world.

I leapt about, from Japan, to Here, to
To Finland,
To Italy.
Like it was nothing.

And I got deep
Into people
What they were thinking and doing
What they wanted and thought
I might like.

This is what a book
Was supposed to be.
But this was much better.
I made up the plot,

This is an excellent diatribe of popular reasoning about alcohol use and abuse. I came to Medium to gather real world examples of lies, whether they are intentional, non-intentional, pernicious or not. This article is a cornucopia of truth and lies. Rich diggings so to speak.

Having lived through the lies around cigarettes, they also had such a rich tapestry of truth and lies about nicotine.

In both cases, the relevant science is hampered by the mix of truth and lie. There is little said that is nothing but the truth. Systematic scientific investigation is lacking.

I once both smoked…

This work is good experimental science but often experimental results have little value in theoretical science. From a computational cognitive neuroscience perspective this work is simply saying the plasticity in discrimination/classification networks we have long observed exists.

For that reason these networks are assumed fixed at a point in time and not over time. They are inherently learning statistical likelihoods of survival value all the time.

A MUCH better set of insights IMHO is through 'dry' neuroscience -- looking at human natural language as revealing computation between two brains, because we can reasonably assume it was evolved to do precisely…

A One in Gazillion Lie Cartoon worthy of Deep Thought. Fair use. For this and many more great cartoons see search fact for this special one.

One Special One Among Gazillions of Cartoons Exposing Lies

Rather than do a “book of lies” to sell on Amazon, let’s just look at one of the gazillion cartoons on lies to see the lying in the dissection of this cartoon itself.

A Fact that has a Lie lie, and a Lie that does not tell the Whole Truth.

Just for fun.

This cartoon is not a bad lie, unless you do not know how it is a lie.

Here it is in the original, from Beatrice the Biologist. Now, I am not a biologist but she is not Mendaciologist either.

So we proceed on the one in a…

Making news by not continuing to rent something because of lies is as usual disappointing. The last sentence uses a negative affect word of low enough frequency that most people (as a Ph.D. in such things) do not exactly know the definition: dyspopian: relating to or denoting an imagined state or society where there is great suffering or injustice.

"the dystopian future of a society bereft of reason"

In other words, the robotdog denotes a society of great suffering or injustice.

I don't think so. Here is what it really is. It really is just another device, like the car…

Hate is a Path to the Loss of Concrete Truth and Might Take a Thousand Years to Rediscover, Copyright 2007, Robert Thibadeau.

British House of Lords Style

I have argued and appealed to everyone to never vote for a liar. My reasoning is that even an eight year old learns not to trust a liar.

But, as grown ups, we know lying is sometimes necessary.

Indeed, the science of truth and lies shows that every single one of us lies most all the time.

But the science of lies, Mendaciology, also suggests there is a specific kind of lie which always tells you truthfully that someone should not have your trust, and you should not vote for them whether in government or any other position of responsibility.

IMHO. Microsoft would do well in their next OS with a default setting called "Don't Waste My Time". Every extra button press, every stall, every insanely long wait for anything, is insane and evil. Also, on a fail, fess up and fix it. Don't lie.

Keep everything else exactly the way it is so I don't have to learn anything new. The OS should never pause unless I intentionally pause it. And I want to have a "Keep everything secret" by default suitably anonymizing my otherwise very linkable physical existence for every keystroke and every byte. I want it to invisibly and imperceptibly keep at least a million anonymous unlinkable avatars working locally like my brain does.

Here, Microsoft, is your instruction manual:

The Science You Can Prove to Yourself

You need the thermometer you use to test for Covid-19. That’ll do it.

If you don’t have that. You can also go out into a parking lot and just feel the surface of cars under the sun, even on a cloudy day.

Forty degree differences are easy to feel.

Now that is good science. You prove to yourself what I say is right. It is how people actually learn truth and figure out lies.

Then you need a little bit of logic. The logic says that if you heat up the car so the air conditioner has to run, you…

Johnny, a Wikie, and “Cousin” Speedo married end of WWII and became my parents.

1940 Historical US NON FICTION written by Jack Affleck, a Wikie.

In this big, modern and yet sadly realistic world of today, there are many doctors, lawyers, Shriners, morons, politicians, etc.; but no matter how far one searches, one can find but four Black Wikies even supposing anyone would be silly enough to search for any more. …

Ethan, This is an excellent article. But it has a problem in your understanding of how these things work in the human brain.

Sorry Ethan, you are wrong. You need to consult the experts. You make the assumption that "reason" can come to "truth" which, in the human brain, it generally cannot. What you miss, and miss badly, is that there are a very large number of "truths" -- far larger than you give credit. Uncountably large. It is fundamental to how the human brain computes. In 400 years we now know you are wrong. …

Robert Thibadeau

Carnegie Mellon University since 1979 — Cognitive Science, AI, Machine Learning, one of the founding Directors of the Robotics Institute.

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