Chinese House Dragon Copyright © 1999 Robert Thibadeau

Robert Thibadeau, Ph.D.
November 30, 1993

I never thought I would see the day
When books looked superfluous.
I saw, the day before yesterday,
The world.

I leapt about, from Japan, to Here, to
To Finland,
To Italy.
Like it was nothing.

And I got deep
Into people
What they were thinking and doing
What they wanted and thought
I might like.

This is what a book
Was supposed to be.
But this was much better.
I made up the plot,

You interview of Mike Lindell could have given us and him more to work with if you had dug much more deeply right here.

How do you fix "lived experience outweighing expertise"? Mendaciology says this is scientifically true unless your lived experience validates the expertise.

Truth is first, as Descartes said, "what is done and cannot be doubted -- what you personally experienced." Secondly what you can logically deduce from this. After that, there is no truth to our brains, just a question of trust which experience may discount. Every sentence can be a lie (or the truth). …

Making money for Some Else’s Dream. Copyright © Robert Thibadeau 1973.

A Brief Autobiography

When I was in high school the year before I graduated, I broke down in front of one my teachers in tears and said “it’s so hard.” His response, an American History teacher, who later went to Vietnam as an Intelligence Officer, was “don’t worry, it’s only going to get harder.”

For some reason, that made me feel better. The next time I cried was when Martin Luther King was shot. I was in this same guy’s apartment next to the VA in Decatur Ga that evening talking about my future again. …

Mosquitos for Mars! From:

And It is Not What You Think!

Elon Musk and Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard are working collaboratively on Mosquito Trials for the Martian Environment.

Dr. Sinclair is famous for his work on extending lifespan framing the disease of aging as a controllable molecular information denigration disease. Dr. Sinclair surmises that reasonable exercise and caloric restriction stressors activate the body’s natural mechanisms for extending lifespan. He guesses there may be other stressors that work as well.

Elon had audibled Dr. Sinclair’s book on lifespan extension.

According to Elon, Mars is going to need Mosquitos when he completes his plan to land a large comet softly on Mars…

Even Professors Lie, Copyright © Robert Thibadeau 2006, from old painting at the Institution of No Lying, Cheating, or Stealing, Univ. of Virginia.

Also Applies to Other Tests of The Craft

A few months ago I was with a hard core Trumper who showed me his bulletin board with Trump Truths, and one announced proudly Trump had an IQ of 190. Trump was the smartest person in the world!

Being in the room with my friend, I lied and said, “amazing.” He was so proud of knowing that “fact.”

Also being a Ph.D. in Psychology, I failed to mention that that was Six Standard Deviations worth the usual 15 IQ Points (6 X 15 = 90) with the average IQ set at the usual 100. …

This is asserted as logic. "a person .." is false to someone X so "that someone X is an atheist" is true. Modus ponens, if-then. If (NOT (Believes (X, (God = Person))) then (NOT (Believes, (X, God))). I would assert that many people believe in God but do not believe God is a person, and so they remain theists by their own attestation. One example from the 1600s is Rene Descartes, but there are many who believe there is a God but it is impossible he is a person. Descartes, for example, asserts he believes in God but God cannot…

Cheese sounds like something healthy and special. Actually, it is just salted milk. Salt preserved milk.

There was a time when it became extra special because salt was essentially today's bitcoin -- owned only by the wealthy.

The distinguishing flavor features of cheese come from the dead flesh of organisms that were able to live in the salted milk while the salted milk was stored in basements and so forth.

But if you do not believe in a lot of salt in your diet, why are you eating salted milk (or so-called "cheese")?

On the other hand, salt is the…

The Author (in New Zealand) blissfully ignorant that if he becomes happily immortal, he may not age well. Copyright © 2007 Robert Thibadeau, Ph.D.

Squaring the Sphere of Reality

The answer is yes, aging is a disease, but no, lying is not a disease. It is a potential wall to the cure of aging that cannot be cured.

David Sinclair, Ph.D. of Harvard Genetics wants a healthy and happy immortality for everybody. He has made a strong case that if we want to have immortality, or anything approaching it, like a life span of 120 years, we need to realize that aging is a disease and thereby focus science on curing it. I was surprised that anybody doubts that aging is truly a disease. As usual and normally expected…

Jim Mason is right about the danger. But we do know the sure way to avoid this. It is what humankind learned in the "Enlightenment" or "Age of Reason" which 200 years later became Geo. Washington's farewell address and the US Constitution. After the printing press nearly killed mankind by the viral expansion of the inquisition.

Here is the father of the Enlightenment and modern computational cognitive neuroscience on the problem and the solution.

Here is George Washington and Chaplin on the subject of the problem, and the solution.

The solution is enforced (by law or norm) moderated…

A nice Cybersecurity Director type of person who needs basic education in Mendaciology. Along with all his kin.

How a Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Provides Homeland Insecurity

As someone who has taught IT Security since the mid 1990s in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, and inventor of the storage security which is incorporated on essentially 100% of the Internet infrastructure worldwide (, I thought I would make my opinions of your work known in a letter you might actually read.

A public letter.

First, it is amazing to hear you finally admit that insurance companies have been the accelerant on the incidence of ransomware and other cybersecurity attacks for money. We have known this clearly for at least a dozen years now.


Robert Thibadeau

Carnegie Mellon University since 1979 — Cognitive Science, AI, Machine Learning, one of the founding Directors of the Robotics Institute.

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